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Best Projector Under 500

Top 10 Best Projector Under 500! An Ultimate Guide & Review

Everyone needs a break for their mind and body from time to time. Whether you go to college or you are an office going person, you must find some time on the weekend to relax. To get the best entertainment, having a television is standard in every home, but owning a projector is fantastic. If anyone wants to watch favorite videos and movies on the big wall, then having a projector is a must. Which projector is best projectors under 500? When there are numerous options available in front of you, it can be pretty daunting to choose a single one of them.


Resolution and image quality is the primary thing that is checked by people while shopping for projectors, televisions, and cameras.

The reason behind this is the quality of the image you get with higher resolution.

The zooming range and lens shift determine the position of the photos and size of it. At homes with a small room, you can get short-throw best projector under 500. Having a good quality roll out screen will allow you to get the best image quality while watching movies on the projector.


  • You are buying projectors, and you should never ignore the connectivity ports.
  • Most of the people just choose a well-known brand but forget about the ports.
  • The VGA ports are mostly available in the projectors, but if you want to play games, then the HDMI port is required.
  • The people who want to buy a projector for their office work need to have a USB port with the best projector. Having two or more HDMI ports won’t hurt because you might need it one or the other time while using a projector.


Size is co-related with the portability of the projector. You definitely don’t want to get large projectors with low-quality image resolution.

  • Always look for the projector which has a decent size so that you don’t face problem in shifting its place.
  • Extremely large projectors doesn’t guarantee you better image projection. Other than the size, viewing distance is also crucial when you are watching something through a projector.

The distance between the wall and the projector should be ideal. Even when you are watching something on the projector, you shouldn’t sit very near to the screen because it will hinder your own experience.

Price of projector

Cost of projector matters after you have checked all the critical aspects of it.

The resolution, size, image quality, connectivity ports, sound quality, brightness are essential things you need to look before you think about money. If you can spend up to 500 dollars, then you can get a good quality of the projector at this amount.

After checking all the essential aspects, you can look forward to getting the best quality of the projector. If you have decided to purchase the best projector under 500, then you can grab it. You don’t need to get confused, but just be clear about your priorities, and this will allow you to find the best device for yourself.

Have a look at the topmost projectors with an appropriate budget.

Review of The Best Projectors Under 500

Epson LCD projector

1 Epson VS250 SVGA 3,200 lumens color brightnessAre you planning to buy a new projector? If yes, then you can consider purchasing an Epson projector with a white brightness of more than 3000 lumens.

With good quality videos, this projector comes with an HDMI switch to provide more connectivity.

There are also options for picture adjustments as per the requirements of the user. Don’t think before buying the best projector under 500 with these features:

  • It has 800*600 resolution which allows bright graphics and presentations
  • Compatible with media players and laptop
  • Vivid color and accurate brightness of more than 3000 lumens

  • Fan noise is very low and low energy consumption
  • Works well at night and also in daylight

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  • HDMI supporting projector

  • Easy and fast setup

  • Good compatibility

  • Works well in day and night

  • Lightweight projector

  • Low sound

  • Resolution isn’t so great

Anker Nebula small projector

Who wants to carry around2 Anker Nebula Capsule Max, Pint-Sized Wi-Fi Mini Projector a projector in the pocket? Anker Nebula little projector might not fit in a pocket, but it will fit in your hand comfortably. You don’t have to carry it in a case or something because of the simple shape and size.

When you are on tour, this projector can be an excellent option to move around in a backpack. You must find the best hd projector to get clarity and high resolution. Here are some essential details about this little projector:

  • Four hours of playtime allows the user to enjoy shows and movies
  • WiFi compatible projector

  • Good quality speakers impart great sound
  • Almost 100 inches of video size

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  • Ultimate home entertainment

  • Clear and HD videos

  • Can be connected with phone

  • No eye strain issues

  • Doesn’t work for long hours

  • It isn’t like a real projector

YABER home projector

3 YABER Native 1080P ProjectorWhenever you feel bored, the projector can cheer you up because you can get the chance to see beautiful videos with it. Yaber home projector is specially made to fulfill your demands.

Whether it comes to resolution or sound quality, this projector wins at everything. Check out the necessary details of the best projector under 500 before investing in it:

  • Creative zoom functioning allows better video projection
  • Excellent stereo sound prevents noise disturbances

  • Compatible with a variety of devices
  • Three years of repair guarantee

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  • Best zoom and video quality

  • The big screen of 300 inches

  • HDMI connection

  • Great sound

  • Can’t be carried in a backpack

  • Need to be taken care of

LG LED projector

4 LG PH550 CineBeam LED Projector

If someone wants to get the best hd projector, then the LG brand is one of the best options for any user. The wireless connection of this projector makes it unique at this price.

To enjoy with your family and friends on the weekend in the living room can only be possible when you own a good quality projector.

Check out important details of the product before buying it:

  • This device provides HD image quality with 1280*720 resolution
  • 550 lumens of brightness is perfect for watching movies and videos

  • Wireless connectivity is possible
  • This projector brand is available at a reasonable price

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  • Quality image and videos

  • Compatible with Bluetooth

  • Portable projector

  • 2.5 hours battery backup

  • Not very bright projector

Viewsonic portable projector

5 ViewSonic M1+ Portable Smart Wi-Fi Projector

One won’t find any disappointment after purchasing this best projector under 500 with the given features.

This smart projector has premium audio features with quick TV benefits.

The users won’t find any difficulty while installing it because of the easy setup. Here are some important details about the projector:

  • This projector can be carried around easily from one room to another
  • The big screen will give you the feel of theater at home

  • The long battery life of the projector allows six hours of working
  • The 360-degree projection for watching the video at any angle

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  • Safety feature for eyes

  • Smart interface

  • In-built battery

  • Great LED lamp

  • Keystone correction

  • Little bit heavy

  • Might feel overpriced

Vivimage Explore projector

6 VIVIMAGE Explore 3 Native 1080P ProjectorWhoever is looking for the best small projector can purchase the Vivimage mini projector, which is available with remarkable features and great picture quality. The buying projector should be done carefully by checking all the aspects because it is a lifetime purchase.

You can’t take the risk of purchasing the bad quality product, and that’s why you can have a look at the remarkable features of this device:

  • The 1920*1080 resolution with 6800 lumens brightness level gives the perfect video quality
  • There is no need to get extra speakers because of the powerful in-built speakers of this device

  • The contrast ratio and deep colors are imparted on the screen in the most amazing manner
  • Three years of warranty on the projector

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  • Connect Android and iOS

  • Seven layered quality lens

  • HD video perfection

  • Compatible with many devices

  • Three speakers

  • The fan is a bit loud

  • No zooming feature

Viewsonic XGA projector

7 ViewSonic 3600 Lumens XGA High Brightness Projector

If someone wants to get a versatile projector, then Viewsonic is a good option. With three years of warranty, this projector provides one year of lamp coverage to the user. Grab the handsome deal on this best projector under 500. With the long lamp life of this projector, you can be sure of the lesser power usage.

The color accuracy of this projector is commendable, and it also imparts great video quality. To know more about this product, you can read the given details:

  • Blue-Ray HDMI input for the display of the 3D image
  • It supports almost every media player and smartphone
  • You will get various items like power cable, remote control and VGA cable with the projector

  • It is effortless to set up, and you don’t have to call any technician for it
  • The screen projected by this device is around 120 great inches

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  • Good resolution

  • Nice brightness

  • Great sound quality

  • Affordable price

  • No carrying case

  • Little bit heavy

Yaber Projector

8 YABER Native 1080P Projector

It is the best projector because of its big screen and amazing compatibility. Yaber projector will allow you to enjoy watching movies and shows sitting at your home without any issues.

The Smart Eco technology of the projector allows less power consumption. The best thing about this projector is that you can get many features in it just at reasonable prices.

Here are some more details about the product:

  • Advanced fan cooling system keeps the project prevented from overheating issues
  • Two HDMI ports, VGA port, two USB ports and one AV port available
  • High compatibility with a computer, PlayStation, laptop, card reader, smartphone and TV box

  • Dual speakers for clear sound and amazing experience
  • Five years of repair warranty and technical support for the customers

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  • Quite an adjustable screen

  • HD picture quality

  • Easy to operate

  • Great compatibility

  • Both for office and home purposes

  • It is a bit overpriced

  • Needs proper care

ViewSonic home projector

9 ViewSonic PJD7828HDL 3200 Lumens

Have you found the best projector under 500? If not, then you can check out Viewsonic mini projector with a big-screen experience. It has dual speakers to provide great audio quality along with a remarkable video on the screen.

It has got cinematic colors due to which the image on the screen comes out nice.

To get the most amazing home theater experience, one can get this projector and here are some more details of this device:

  • Watching movies and games have become interesting
  • The brightness of this projector is breathtaking
  • It has got IPS match technology for better video quality

  • Manufactured with eco-mode having 10,000 hours lamp life
  • Comes with necessary tools like power cable, remote control and cover

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  • Attractive colors and clarity

  • Good port connectivity

  • Good resolution and quality

  • Short throw lens

  • Weighs 5.29 pounds

  • The fan creates little bit noise

  • The picture might not adjust to the screen

Optoma home theater projector

10 Optoma HD143X Affordable High Performance

Optoma home theater projector comes with a long lamp life of 12000 hours.

The picture quality is most necessary, and this projector will provide you the best clarity and colors.

If you want to enjoy watching movies and shows with your family in your living room through the projector, then you can check the major details of this projector:

  • The high resolution which renders detailed and sharp images
  • Huge brightness allows better clarity both inside and outside

  • There won’t be any confusion in installing this device
  • No lagging even while playing video games

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  • No lagging issues

  • Super brightness with 3000 lumens

  • 1920*1080 high resolution

  • 12000 lamp life

  • Easy installation

  • There might be issues with clarity after long time use

  • No tripod available for support


So, this is the list of the best projector under 500, and you can buy the one which you find perfect as per your needs. You can make a comparison of all these projectors so that it will be easier for you to choose the appropriate one for yourself.

Don’t fall for projectors at low prices, but you should consider checking the features of it before investing in it.

Therefore, you won’t find it difficult to choose a projector after checking all the above projectors and their details.

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