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Best Projectors Under 200

Best Projector Under 200 – Crucial Factors 2020 – Quick Review

In the busy and stressful life, no one gets time to have some peaceful and entertaining moments with friends and family. Sometimes, you are in no mood to go to theatres to watch upcoming movies, and your favorite movies, documentaries, music videos can’t be seen after a decade in theatres. It becomes crucial to own a good quality projector so that you can enjoy watching and chilling in front of the movies on your couch or comfortable bed with your loved ones. If you are planning to get the best projectors under 200, then it is crucial to check all the details beforehand to avoid all mistakes.

Short View of The Best Budget Projectors – Recommended


List of Top 10 Best Projector Under 200 – Details Review

VANKYO Leisure projector

1 VANKYO LEISURE 3 Mini Projector

If you want to spend your weekend while watching your favorite movies on the projector, then this dream can come true by purchasing Vankyo Projector. Your all requirements related to projector quality will be met with a single purchase.

It can be overwhelming to research different projectors, and that’s why you can check out the basic details here.

The gaming freaks have a good chance to grab this amazing projector. Now buying best projector that has become easy when you can find the given features with it:

  • Plastic construction but sturdy and long-lasting.
  • Quick and easy installation of the projector
  • Compatible with gaming X-box and PS3 and PS4

  • Large screen size and should be watched with a distance of 5 to 6 feet
  • Useful to watch videos, movies, photos and play games
  • HDMI cable, AV cable and power cord is free with projector

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  • HDMI compatible

  • Good resolution

  • Perfect brightness

  • Reasonable price

  • No lag problems

  • Superb contrast ratio

  • Tripod is required for better projection

APEMAN mini projector

2 APEMAN 3800L Brightness Projector

Were you wondering if you can get a projector with dual speakers? Most of the buyers want to get a projector with a good sound system because no one is interested in buying speakers separately. Purchasing an Apeman mini projector can be a good decision because it comes with double speakers.

The sound quality improves with its mute cooling fan. Not only will you get a good quality best video projector, but you will also be able to get five years of customer service.

If someone wants to get a projector with several connectivity ports, then this can be the best deal for you.

Comparing with other projectors will let you know that it’s brightness levels are commendable. So, you can get this best projector under 200 with several benefits.

  • More than 3500 lumens brightness and 800×480 resolution
  • 180 inches of display size allows watching movies comfortably

  • Updated cooling system to protect from excessive heating
  • No adjustments required for installation

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  • Easy to use the remote control

  • Adjustable contrast and color

  • No need to buy roll screen

  • Portable projector

  • Decent price

  • Dolby sounds aren’t supported

  • You might hear fan sounds

DR. J Movie Projector

3 DR. J Professional HI-04 1080P Supported Portable Movie Projector

Whether you want good brightness or you need the big screen, the DR. J projector is going to fulfill all your needs.

This is the portable video projector that can be carried around without any hassle. As you know, the resolution is crucial for every projector, and so it is for this one also.

This projector has got a 1920×1080 strong resolution with a good contrast ratio. Buying a good quality projector can make you relax for many years. You won’t have to spend more money to buy a new device when you have got the quality projector already in the first buy. You can have a look at the features of this best video projector:

  • This device has 40000 hours of lamp life.
  • Enjoying movies on the large screen became easy with its 100 inches of screen
  • Given the compatibility, it can be used with Chromebook, laptops, computers, TV box and tablets.

  • Video game lovers can also play their favorite games all the time.
  • HDMI, USB drive, SD cards connections are available
  • The fan cooling system will keep it protected from extra heating

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  • Compatible with smartphone

  • Indoor and outdoor usage

  • LCD quality lens display

  • Brightness is 2000 lumen

  • High resolution

  • Best sound quality

  • Picture Adjustment issues

  • Might need external speakers

Jinhoo Mini projector

4 Jinhoo Mini Overhead Projector 4200 Lux

Now you can get home theater projector with TV stick compatibility and various advantages. This Jinhoo projector comes with three different projection modes, including ceiling, rear, and front.

It will be amazing to feel the real music with its appealing sound system.

The large projection size allows the perfect entertainment.

This is the best affordable projector with remarkable features.

  • Best picture quality and brightness of 4200 lumens allows the amazing experience
  • The perfect colorful picture comes from the contrast ratio

  • In-built stereo speaker for best sound effects
  • Can be connected with VGA, HDMI, USB drives, PCs, TV sticks, laptops, and TV box.

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  • Easy to install

  • Surprising sound effects

  • Great picture quality

  • Best focus and brightness

  • Good projection size and distance

  • Don’t support Dolby

  • Data transfer isn’t possible

QKK Mini video projector

5 QKK Mini Projector 4500Lumens Portable LCD Projector

Finding the best projector under 200 isn’t difficult at all when you are clear about your requirements.

Do you want to play games and movies on the projector screen? If yes, then you can grab this device, which imparts high resolution and picture clarity. Nothing can be better than finding a good quality projector, which is useful for indoor and outdoor usage.

Here are the major details of the video projector:

  • 100 inches of projector screen gives home theatre experience
  • Best choice for indoor and outdoor experiences and entertainment
  • Three years of guarantee with 100% satisfaction

  • Long lamp life of more than 50 thousand hours
  • Led light source won’t hurt your eyes

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  • Video gaming support

  • Compatible with a TV box

  • In-build double speakers

  • Fan cooling feature

  • The large screen of 170 inches

  • Needs regular care

Lumen Mini Projector

6 Mini Projector, APEMAN 4500 Lumen

The people who are interested in buying a good quality project should check all the features to avoid any confusion. This system has got good clarity and brightness, which is 80% more than normal projectors. It has got three years of guarantee and lifetime support from the customer care service.

This projector comes with light saving bulbs.

If you are looking for the best projector under 200, this is best option and first we should check the major details about it.

  • The deep color projection helps to restore the exact colors on the screen
  • Can be connected with Xbox, PS3, DVD, TV stick and laptop
  • In-built stereo speak with great sound effects eliminating noise

  • The size can be changed from 40 inches to 200 inches on the screen
  • High quality upgraded LCD technology avoids stress on eyes

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  • Full clarity and high resolution

  • Large images on the screen

  • Best for games, videos and TV series

  • Three years guarantee

  • Silent device cooling system

  • Little bit overpriced

  • Proper care is required during travel

QKK Mini projector

7 QKK 2020 Upgrade 4200Lux Potable Mini Projector

Buying the right and best projector under 200 has become important for the people who want to get entertained or need it for office work. No matter why do you need the projector, you must look forward to using this QKK Mini projector as it is available with all the best features and benefits.

If you want happiness, then you can experience it by watching your favorite TV shows and movies on this projector. Here are more details about the device:

  • Can be connected with smartphones, TV stick, ROKU stick and laptops
  • To get sharpness in videos, the contrast ratio should be fine, and this projector provides the best 2000:1 contrast ratio
  • The colorful pictures and brightness levels are amazing

  • Two USB drives can be used simultaneously, and there is an extra USB port with it
  • Tripod for the projector is included for zero disturbance

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  • Remarkable brightness levels

  • Enjoy gaming with a PS4 connection

  • Quality contrast ratio

  • High brightness levels

  • Affordable prices

  • Tripod is available with projector

  • It is a fragile device

  • A resolution could be more

Hompow Lux 3600 video projector

8 Hompow Smartphone Portable Video Projector

Buying a projector isn’t a big deal, but finding the best affordable projector isn’t easy at all. If you have come across Homopow projector, then you are lucky enough to get the best deal. With two years of the manufacturer warranty, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the device.

It comes with noise reduction technology and allows you to hear everything.

It can be connected with a wide range of devices like DVD, USB drive, PC, TV sticks, PS4, and laptops.

  • Controls are given on device and therefore no need to have a remote
  • Manual Dial allows better focus while watching videos
  • Mini size of the projector allows one to carry it in bad while traveling

  • Upgraded brightness allows clear gaming and music videos
  • An appreciative cooling system protects the device from overheating

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  • Power cord, HDMI and audio cords available

  • No software problems

  • Easy to install and use

  • Lens cap for protection

  • Support multimedia devices

  • Zero overheating issues

  • Difficulty in portability

  • Batteries aren’t given with remote

TaoTronics Mini projector

9 TaoTronics Video Projector 3500 lumens 200Inch

If you wanted to get the best projector under your budget, then purchasing the TaoTronics Projector isn’t a bad option.

This device has a native resolution of 720p, which will allow you to enjoy movies on the screen exclusively. With a high brightness of 3500 lumens, one doesn’t have to worry about the clarity of the pictures.

This projector has LCD bulb technology, which doesn’t take up lots of energy and thus can last for a longer time. Here, you should check out more about it before investing:

  • Whether it is about frequency or it is about compatible input, this projector wins it all
  • SRS system provides good quality speakers for a remarkable experience
  • Double fan system to prevent overheating of the system

  • Large image size allows better entertainment and fun
  • LED lamp for saving electricity and maintaining brightness levels
  • Take it for camping and picnics to get full entertainment without a break

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  • Brighter than normal projectors

  • 18 months guarantee

  • HDMI works fine

  • No need to buy an extra sound system

  • Decent resolution and big screen

  • LCD technology

  • Needs proper handling

  • Don’t use for long hours

Crosstour Mini video projector

10 Crosstour Mini LED Video Projector

With 55000 hours of lamp life, this projector is perfect for home theater. If you want to buy a gift for your loved one, then you can choose this mini projector, which weighs only 0.91 kg.

This is the best affordable projector with impressive benefits like HDMI cable, lens cap, power cable, and AV cable.

Lagging is the most common issue faced by the projector users, but this projector won’t make you face such problems.

If the room will be dark, then there won’t be a problem in picture quality also. This is the best projector under 200 because of its attractive features.

  • Equipped with high resolution, good brightness, and perfect contrast ratio
  • Can be attached to different devices like PS4, television box, smartphones, and USB drive

  • Mini size projector provides a large movie screen in a room
  • This projector is made for both indoor and outdoor usage

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  • Best cooling system

  • USB and SD cards inputs

  • Loudspeaker system

  • HD pictures with 90 inches screen size

  • The technical keystone adjustment option

  • Doesn’t support Dolby system

  • No adjustable knobs.

Things to Know Before Selecting The Projector

Here are some aspects you should look at before investing in any model:

Brightness Level

Brightness level of the projector should be the best otherwise you won’t enjoy watching videos at all. The business projectors require around 1000 lumen of brightness. If you want to watch movies, then buying a projector with a brightness level of at least 5000 is crucial.

You can find the best projector under 200 with good brightness levels. Without proper brightness, you will find everything blurry and not clear. So, you should never neglect the brightness level of the projector


The office presentation, you might not require the projector with high resolution. You can do the office work with a projector having a small resolution, but this can’t be possible at the home projectors. When you want to play your favorite games or watch movies, the resolution is all you want.

Best projector under 200 dollars available with good quality resolution. Without a resolution, the picture quality won’t be clear, and then the whole purpose of having a projector will be gone. The quality of the picture comes with the resolution, and you should never ignore it.


You carry the projector around? Of course not! You might not carry it in your backpack every day, but it needs to be lightweight.

The heavy projectors don’t signify good quality movies. These days, small devices can allow you to get better resolution and brightness, but again weight doesn’t define the quality of the projector.

Sound and Connectivity

The sound system of the projector should be clear when you need it for watching movies.

There shouldn’t be connectivity issues with it. By doing proper research, it can be possible for you to find out the budget projector with the best connectivity and sound system.

Cost of The Projectors

Checking the major aspects of the projector, you should also focus on the price of it. Although the price doesn’t matter when you are getting the quality device, but you can’t go on spending all of your money on entertainment. So, buying a projector below 200 dollars is a good option.

When you have got the idea about the best projector features, you should find these in the projector you are planning to invest in. If you aren’t able to choose some of the best projectors in the market under 200 dollars, then you can have a look at the list given below.

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